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Elektra collects, publishes and archives the articles of the leading Finnish scientific journals in electronic form. It is a joint project between The National Library of Finland and Kopiosto. Elektra aims at enhancing both the technical and contractual conditions of electronic publishing and network access of electronic publications in Finland.

Two routes to Elektra

The Elektra material can be accessed both via its own database and also via the Finnish national Arto article database. The use of the full-text material is restricted to those institutions which have paid for it. Currently these institutions include all Finnish public libraries, all polytechnics and most of the Finnish universities.

Elektra's material

At the moment the Elektra material consists of 26.000 full-text articles (mostly in pdf format) from circa 40 scientific journals. In addition to this, there are also 57 academic dissertations. The articles can be viewed on the screen or printed out on paper.

Publications in English

Riikka Forsström:
Possible Worlds. The Idea of Happiness in the Utopian Vision of Louis-Sébastien Mercier (University of Turku, 15.3.2002)

Jyrki Siukonen:
Uplifted Spirits, Earthbound Machines (Academy of Fine Arts, 2001)

Pasi Tuunainen:
The Role of Presidential Advisory Systems in US Foreign Policy-Making (University of Joensuu, 18.9.2001)

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