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How to find the Elektra material?

The Elektra material can be searched both via its own database and also via the Arto reference database. Most of the full-text files are in pdf format. To read or print the pdf files you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program.

Search tips for the Arto database

Basic search

  1. Quick limit the search to electronic material and type in your search terms. Note that the quick limit does not work with the browse searches (subject, author).
  2. You can retrieve the articles of a given Elektra journal by choosing the 'component part' option and entering the title of the journal. Remember to limit the search to electronic material.

Builder search

  1. Limit the search to Elektra materials with the producer code 'ele'. You can combine the producer code with other search terms using the Boolean operator AND.
  2. You can retrieve the Elektra dissertations by limiting the search to 'electronic books' (use the 'search limits' page). Then you can retrieve the records of the dissertations by searching with the 'ele' producer code.

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